Release Notes

Versioning Scheme

phplrt and its other first-party packages follow Semantic Versioning.

Minor releases may contain deprecation notes that may only be removed in the next major release. Minor and patch releases should never contain breaking changes.

When referencing the phplrt or its components from your application or package, you should always use a version constraint such as ^3.0, since major releases of phplrt do include breaking changes. However, we strive to always ensure you may update to a new major release in one day or less.

Named Arguments

Named arguments, like the rest of the code, are subject to backwards compatibility rules. If necessary, we can rename function arguments to improve the phplrt codebase only if such arguments are marked with the "@no-named-arguments" annotation. If such an annotation was added in a minor release, then the argument will be renamed according to the general deprecation plan in the next major release.

Support Policy

For all phplrt releases, bug fixes are provided for the entire life of the major branch, including compatibility with all versions of PHP.

The minimum version of PHP can only be upgraded in a major release.

Version PHP Release Fixes Until
4.x 8.x ~2024 (*) ~
3.x 7.4+ 05.03.2020 ~2024 (*)
2.x 7.1+ 08.09.2019 05.03.2020
1.x 7.1+ 07.05.2019 08.09.2019

(*) — Approximate year of the next release, but this is open source, so this is not exact.

Version 3.x

phplrt v3.6 is currently the most current and supports PHP 7.4 as the minimum version up to the most current PHP 8.3.

Please note that earlier minor versions of the library may not support modern versions of the PHP.