This package can be installed separately using the command composer require phplrt/parser

In case to quickly compose a grammar, you can use the special grammar builder, class which provides a convenient API for creating grammar rules.

In addition to this method, phplrt provides an alternative option with declarative EBNF-like grammar, which can be found on this documentation page.


Let's take an example of PP2 grammar:

expr = <T_DIGIT> (::T_PLUS:: <T_DIGIT>)*

And example of equivalent built using the grammar builder class.


use Phplrt\Parser\Grammar\Builder;

$grammar = new Builder(function (Builder $ctx) {
    yield $ctx->concat(
        // <T_DIGIT>
        $digit = yield $ctx->token('T_DIGIT'),

        // (::T_PLUS:: <T_DIGIT>)*
        yield $ctx->repeat(yield $ctx->token('T_PLUS', false), $digit)

In case to check the selected grammar, just pass it as constructor's argument to the parser.


use Phplrt\Lexer\Lexer;
use Phplrt\Parser\Grammar\Builder;
use Phplrt\Parser\Parser;

$lexer = new Lexer(...);

$parser = new Parser($lexer, new Builder(function () {
    // Grammar Rules